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The Chase Is Better Than The Catch

“Just Go With It” is predictable as can be but that isn’t a bad thing.

Published: Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Updated: Wednesday, February 16, 2011 18:02

The science surrounding Adam Sandler comedies have become so formulaic that the title, "Just Go With It," not only addresses its name, but also the premise for the film. In fact the original title was supposed to be "If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It."

Sandler stars as Danny Maccabee, a very successful plastic surgeon who'd much rather hop from bed to bed pretending to be a married man than being in an actual, honest relationship. This is of course until Danny meets Palmer (Brooklyn Decker), with whom he has an instant connection with but has to cover his non-existent infidelity. Rather than being honest and end the film at the 15-minute mark, the slope gets slipperier as Danny enlists his office manager (Jennifer Aniston) to not only be his fake soon-to-be ex-wife but her kids as well.

There is no spoiler alert involved in "Just Go With It" seeing as Sandler always gets the girl but it's the sidekicks, cameos, and outrageous storylines  that make all of Sandler films recyclable yet watchable, and this film doesn't disappoint.  Kevin Nealon, Peter Dante, Rachel Dratch, Dave Matthews, and Dan Patrick all make their requisite appearances, but the addition of Aniston and new Sandler sidekick, Nick Swardson, make this film feel less like "50 First Dates."

Swardson plays Eddie, Danny's brother, and while Sandler is clearly the lead character, Swardson has the funniest scenes and holds true to what makes Sandler's films great, pubescent humor and vulgarity. Aniston is also a refreshing change of pace as Katherine Murphy. Aniston has the same billing cache as any other Sandler leading lady (Salma Hayek, Drew Barrymore,  Kate Beckinsale), but  this is the first time in years that the leading lady has more to offer than just being a complete prop.

The biggest surprise of the film is the appearance of Nicole Kidman in a film that isn't melodramatic or overwrought. It's actually nice to see  someone in this film do something that is out of the ordinary which is something that can't be said for the film's star.

Sandler himself does nothing that isn't par for the course.  He has the same flawed exterior yet affable gooey center that seems to melt the heart of whoever gets within his blast radius. It's not that it's a problem; it's just that the audience has seen it before.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with "Just Go With It." It's funny and winning, but people could also save the $15 and watch "The Wedding Singer" again.  

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